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The Walking Post

A news website dedicated to walking, or hiking. Featuring all that’s new in the world of walking, from books to gear, new trails to walks and a weekly podcast.

Future Food Today

With a growing population, and climate change to tackle, this website is news on advances in agriculture, science, packaging, ingredients, technology and more!

Deeptech Digest

Deeptech is difficult to define, but it’s the cutting edge of technology and science. This website covers all the news in this fast-growing industry!

Inside Pet Food

This news site covers the business of pet food from new products and ingredients to what’s happening within the industry.

Beyond the Bigs

Coming soon, a podcast dedicated to baseball beyond the big leagues, i.e. everything below Major League Baseball, from the minors to baseball around the world.

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About Us

Ayr Coastal Media

There are a few places named Ayr around the world, but we’re located in the beautiful county of Ayrshire, Scotland. That’s it to the left. Well, not all of it, obviously. We have beaches, islands, mountains, waterfalls, lakes (aka lochs) and castles. It’s a great place to be! And it never rains*!
(*For more than 30 days straight)

What we do

While the main focus of Ayr CM is news websites, we also help others with their media needs. We can create articles, press releases, podcasts, videos, and more, for your site or publication. We can edit your articles, audio or video. If you need help, we’re here!

Who are we?

Ayr CM is run by award-winning editor, writer, photographer, designer and broadcaster Jim Cornall.

Jim has edited newspapers, magazines, journals, and websites in several countries. He has written – and taken photos – for hundreds of publications around the world.

He’s also made plenty of videos for websites and TV, and created several podcasts. The author of nine books, Jim is a media veteran (better than saying old) with experience in all aspects of the industry.

And he’s a musician, so if you’ve heard one of his podcasts, he wrote the music, too.

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