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Get all the inside tips and tricks from an industry veteran who can help you every step of the way.


Our one-day podcast training course can be tailored to your individual needs.

We come to your workplace to deliver the course.

We also have a more in-depth two-day course that includes hands-on podcast creation.

However, our typical day-long course lasts six to seven hours. The morning consists of two hours of shorter sessions designed to get you prepared for creating a podcast. The afternoon session is a little longer, and goes into how to edit your audio and put the final product together.

Importantly, there are practical tips throughout the sessions to ensure your podcast is the best it can be. And it is also realistic.

Our course is designed to get you up and running no matter what your budget is, and whether your target audience is 50 people or 1 million. It doesn’t fill you with promise of a huge audience. It doesn’t recommend you purchase things you don’t need.

We can help you put together a podcast designed for an internal company audience, your clients, or the general public. Our practical course shows you the potential hurdles, and how to jump over them.

We can also expand the course to two days, with the second day dedicated to hands-on practical sessions with participants producing their own mini-podcast episode, from doing an interview, to editing it for distribution.

Best of all, we come to you to present the training in your own facility, rather than learning online, or having to go to an inconveniently-located training centre, where you may learn alongside people from other companies or individuals, all of whom have different goals and needs.

After the course, it’s not thank you and goodbye – we are always available to help with questions that may arise once you get started. Think of it as your podcast tech support.

Our standard course includes the following modules:

Planning your podcast (20 minutes)

Naming, music, logo, audience, length, content, hosting, narration, frequency, episodes, outsourcing

Interviews (20 minutes)

How to set up an interview, initial emails, protocols, in-person interviews

Equipment (20 minutes)

Internet interviews, in-person interviews, video interviews

(Break – 10 minutes)

Interview tips and techniques (30 minutes)

Interview tips and techniques (30 minutes)

Scripting (20 minutes)

Putting together the audio, sequencing, organisation


Audio editing (2 hours)

Programmes, how to edit, practical tips, saving

Podcast compilation (1 hour)

Sequencing, importing, using channels, adding in components, finalising

Loading (30 minutes)

How to get the podcast from editing to live

Broadcast (30 minutes)

Timing, platforms, social media, guests

DAY TWO (Optional)

Hands-on sessions (5 hours)

Producing your own podcast episode – including interview preparation, recording (one by Teams, one live), audio editing, narration, and final podcast assembly

About your presenter

Jim Cornall

Jim Cornall is a former broadcaster, teacher, musician, and newspaper editor with plenty of experience with audio – including reel-to-reel tape, which thankfully we no longer use! He started his decades-long media career on the radio, presenting music, sports and news shows in Canada. One of his programmes was syndicated across North America.

As a musician, Cornall has recorded and produced several CDs.

Since the explosion in podcast production, he has created and hosted several popular podcasts while working for and with other companies, as well as producing many podcasts behind the scenes, helping others get their shows off the ground. He has also taught courses on audio production, video production, writing, editing, photo editing, publication design and more.

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